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I will post mostly everyday. If not, it's because I can't see for looking.

People who have blogs alike mine, seem to type whimsical shit about how they'll take you to the "Deep abyss of thought". Truth is. I'm just here for my own selfish reasons just like everyone else. (And with the kind of photo's I post, the probable place you're going is jail)

If you like my blog. Cool, I like it too. I don't post about myself so if you want to know anything about me just click ask.

My name is Dylan. I abuse narcotics, I respect women and frequently question myself.

If you wish to contact me and/or create some sort of emotional relationship, my kik username is 'Dylanmate112'

What am I meant to do?

Anonymous said: Have you ever looked in the mirror while tripping if so can you explain it

Yeah I have, you pretty much just laugh, touch your face and say things like “dude.. Noses are just so odd” 

northen- said: Do you create any of your own artwork or do you just enjoy art?

No sadly, for pretty much my whole life I have loved art and always wish I could draw it. But I’m artistic in other ways, since I can’t draw for shit, I focus on music.

Anonymous said: Is it weird that I got really high the first time I smoked weed? I heard most people don't feel anything the first time

Not at all, since most people are young they usually can’t/don’t get much for their first time, and since it’s and unknown substance the body rejects it. But obviously potency does wager in, though usually not as much as quantity.

Somebody should kik me? Feeling drunk and alone.


Anonymous said: can u detail ur favorite trip and your worst tree

My favorite part in a trip was when the clouds started falling, but like a good gif they would magically go back up without looking glitched. And my worst tree was probably the one I fell out of when I was 6.

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